Marketplace Solution

Custom Heavy Construction Equipment Storefront

Sell your parts using our custom storefront solution specifically designed for the heavy construction industry. This is not your typical cookie cutter storefront.

Key Features:

  • Payment processor of your choice (PayPal, Stripe, etc.)
  • Searchable inventory with varying pricing levels based on type of customer (preferred dealer, dealer, retail customer, and more).
  • Sell your inventory 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Ability to sell from a variety of vendors from multiple locations and multiple inventory files.
  • Customer can designate preferred shipping methods including freight account details.
  • Monitor status of orders from initial quote through payment and shipment.

Customer Features:

  • Customer can Request Quote with following: multiple part numbers, quantity desired for each part and shipping options. Shipping options include freight company, shipping destination address, PO number, special instructions, blind ship, certificate of origin, commercial invoice, NAFTA document, export declaration, and more by request.
  • View Quote History. Includes part numbers, descriptions, estimated total and status of quote.
  • View Order History and Details. Includes part numbers, descriptions, order total, status (which may include shipment tracking numbers)
  • Request Photo(s).
  • Ability to have multiple accounts all linked to the same company.

Seller Features:

  • Option to only show instant pricing and location of part only to registered and/or approved customers.
  • View Order History. Includes company name, part number(s), description(s), item count, order total and status (awaiting approval, awaiting payment, confirm shipping, shipped, canceled, etc.)
  • View Order Details. Can modify shipping information, prices, remove parts from order, add payment notes, add seller note
  • Cancel Orders
  • Mark order as paid with alternative method (ACH, EFT, Check, etc.) with ability to add a payment note showing how order was paid.
  • Customized freight options. This includes customized freight categories like UPS, FedEx, International. Each category will have further choices like UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS Ground, etc.
  • Customize the information you'd like a customer to see when searching for a part such as Description, Manufacturer, Condition, Location, Weight, Dimensions, etc.
  • Manage companies that have access to site. Can turn on/off the following: show retail prices, show wholesale prices, approve for credit. Can also delete company accounts.
  • Parts can be inserted into database from multiple files in multiple formats. Custom conversion and insertion programs are written for every inventory file that is added to marketplace.
  • Integrate with existing company website.
  • Customize with your company logo, tagline, phone number, etc.
  • Provide your own legal notices, privacy policy, terms of use, etc.
  • Web scraping detection and prevention.

How It Works

Our custom designed marketplace solution provides the following customer experience:

1) Customer searches for parts.

2) Customer select items to be included in quote.

3) Customer selects shipping options.

4) Customer requests a quote.

5) Seller responds to quote with confirmed prices and shipping costs of order.

6a) Customer pays for order.

6b) Seller updates order as paid.

7) Seller updates customer with shipping details including tracking numbers.

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Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our parts network, other services, or if your interested in working with us on a solution for your company or industry. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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